Redesigning the Spotify Icon Suite

Some core improvements: (1) consistent stroke width, (2) clean and simple shapes, (3) outlines over solid and (4) flat shapes over 3d forms
While designing the icons, we took inspiration from our Circular typeface — characters and glyphs: (1) a combination of round and sharp corners, (2) A use of common angles to define the overall style of our icons. Other characteristics such as the proportion and strength of the type also feature heavily.
We identified common icon sizes across the product and increased the breakpoints to ensure pixel perfection. Each icon was then created in 5 custom sizes and, at the end of the process, we had over 600 individually crafted icons.
(1) We explored different variations of the home icon shapes. (2) But ultimately, we ended up choosing the simplest one. This is a principle we kept in mind as we designed the rest of the set.



Multi-disciplinary design and artist based in London, Paris, and Stockholm

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